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ph1 to ph2 rear light conversion

  phase 1 172
The guide mentions a pink wire thats creamy coloured on the ph1 which confused me,i got.the driver side all.working,i had to make a joint on said "pink" cable but working on that side (doubt it but could that have could a resistance iasue on other side)

on the passenger side however the "pink" is dead so i.have no.passenger fog

How far back does that wire go through the interior?

Anyone else had this issue before
  phase 1 172
That thought had crossed my mind but My ph2 has a fog on both sides and the ph1 clusters are layed out the same so if its not supposed to work why have a unused bulb
  clio dci , ren8
The ph1 only has a rear fog 1 side & they never put the wiring in for 2 ,if you want 2 you will have to run a wire across