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phase 2 172 lowering with Turini's

  Mark 1 Clio V6
I am getting a 2002 172 and want to lower it 40mm and put a set of Turini's on it.

I will be running 195/45/16 tyres.

Is there any problem with this set up and rubbing?

I have searched and found varying answers.
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What suspension set-up are you using it, i want to make the Cup more chuckable and handle better, dunno where to start, coilovers too expensive...

Isn't the Turini's and 195/45/16 the standard set-up for the Cup?
  Mark 1 Clio V6
Thanks fUbAr.

Does anyone have this set-up on a flame red phase 2 172?
That's what I'm getting (Turini's are going to be anthracite) and wouldn't mind seeing a picture if there are any available.
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
i bought some springs and never undid the box - went off the idea and sold them for half what i paid, im back on the idea now grrrr lol
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Yep no probs at all.

Do a search and search in the Media section > Clio and search for 'Ali' 'A3 LYR' 'pink bus' 'Flame red' etc


  V6, R500, Jeep SRT
I've got 205-45 And it's fine until you've got heavys in the bak...tho i reckon my dampers are shot!