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phase 3 ecu modification problem!

Since buying my 2002 1.2 16v Dynamique I have been having random intermitant faults with the car (namely it stalling during gear changes, ecu warning light coming on etc etc).

I took it to my new local Reg Vardy Renault dealer who offer a turn up and wait service. I asked them to re-program the ecu as there is a new code out for it which erradicates (supposeadly) the stalling fault, which, within 45mins of being there they did. When I went back for the car I also asked them to check the cover on the ecu as mine has always been loose (supposed to be held on by a tamper proof scew). It was at this point the mechanic told me that they have brought out a modification for this bracket as the cover has been found to be rubbing away the wires linking into the ecu!! (might be worth cheaking it out!)

Another 25mins later, car was fixed and it, touch wood, aint had any probs in a week, mpg is higher and its quicker!!

Anyone living in the North East (Sunderland/ Durham ish area) I can wholehearadly recommend Stoney Gate Reg Vardy Renault on the A690, I cant believe the difference between the customer service and experience of their guys compared to my local Vauxhall dealership.