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pic request .. lowered 60mm on standard 15's

  black 3 door clio 1.2 16v
heya guys im lowering my car between 40 and 60mm soon but im goin to use the standard wheels as they have brand new firestone 195-50-15's on them lol anyway can you guys show me sum pics of mk2 phase 2 clios lowered 40mm and 60mm on standard 15's? thanks

Here's mine, about 50mm on 15s but not standard ones.


  Slooooow Ass 1.2
Do these catch or anything? As im considering dropping mine 60mm on 15's with 195/50/15 tyres.

What tyres u got on yours?
Same mate.

No catching at all apart from on full steering lock going down a steep car park ramp ;)
  Static Low
certainly doesnt catch mate, i had 60mm apex before.

85/90mm front and 80/85-ish mm ,on coilies


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