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Picked my Cup up yesterday, so...

I can now abuse it up and down the Northamptonshire roads! It is pretty hard core. Not that far off my "old" Integra. I have to get out there and figure out if the clutch is slipping, because it seems to rev high when changing gears at high rpm. Did I hear someone else say that a while back?

Nevertheless, first impressions good. I am warming the AP22 up.

I dont think they are that much faster than the standard 172, but they feel different to drive. My neighbour has a Mk2 172, which is a more pleasant machine to drive around, considerably quiter and with a more pliable ride. And with a decent interior.

The Cup, however is altogether a sharper, harder, noisier tool that turns in a fraction better, rolls a tad less and FEELS more hardcore. It should be fun around a track, and Donington is on the cards this autums, as its just up the road. And it should be fun as I was there last year in the Integra, good comparison.

Now, I think Id better go exercise the Cup...:D

I like it NOISY! sounds sooo nice when you boot it, these things better come run-in cos it would take a sick sick person to drive one for 1000 miles without booting it at least once!

The ride is very stiff but leaves you very confident in the cars handling, virtually no roll whatsoever, sharp turning, bags of grip and a monsterous blast to 80 (slip roads are my absolute favourite, especially when you have to wait at some lights before commencing take off!)

Just put clear side repeaters on mine (got em from BBperformancetuning) and all they need is two little ears snipping off them and they fit perfectly (PM me or get me on MSN"> if you want to know exactly how to fit em - p!55 easy) also just done the calipers red with that folitec stuff, and it really does look the dogs knackers!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Pillesnoppen - a few of us are going to the Easytrack day at Donington on the 7th November. Be great to see you there m8!

Nice one! I usually only keep track of whats on Bookatrack. Are Easytrack good?

I might be able to persuade a friend of mine in an Accord Type-R as well...
  Renault Laguna Coupe

My first time with Easytrack, but there have been good reports on this board and they seem a good bunch judging by their discussion forum. Look forward to seeing you there if you can make it - therell doubtless be further discussion in the Events forum nearer the time.