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Picked up my 172 yesterday!! But....

  1.4 Fiesta!!!

Got my new car yesterday, Iceburg Silver Mk1 172 26KMiles £8995 and its an absolute minter, looks new!

Need some help though. I bought the car from a garage, not a Renault dealer but seemed respectable enough, good service and all. Only just realised the car has no tax!
Now I havent a lot of experience buying second hand cars from garages, but shouldnt the car have tax before you buy it. Is it not the garages responsibility to provide you with a tax disk.

Anyone got any advice, dont want to ring up, demand some tax and look like a tw*t when the car doesnt have to have it?


  Audi TT Stronic

I thought a car had to be legal to be sold from a garage, but I could be wrong.

Congrats on the purchase, I got my Mk2 172 also in silver with 5600 miles for 9K.. (but it was private sale)

I would ring up and demand some tax anyway, you never know they might appologise and give it to you !

They dont have to supply it. Though if you noticed this before you bought it im sure they would of thrown it in saving you £160-odd.

Too late now though :(

  1.4 Fiesta!!!

Damn it, wish I had known before the deal I recon I could have had it chucked in for free. I knew Id forget something, too busy playing about with the car to notice the legal stuff...:confused:

Down the post office I go...!:mad:
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My dad once put in for a refund on his road tax when he traded his Mondeo in and got a letter back saying he wasnt due a refund because the tax disc had expired eight months ago... oops!! they didnt take it any futher though, but he gets reminded by us every year !! :)
  CTR EK9 turbo

Nice choice in car spengy! youve done well. Shame about the tax tho. Ah well, at least youve got a quick mota.

Ive noticed alot of garages selling cars with no tax now. Its not illegal to do it, it seems to be a trend starting. Most importers will not bother putting any tax on the car, so i guess the non - importers are catching on. I doubt they would have "thrown in" the tax for you.

Nice car though.