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pics of daffyd’s 16v clio

  Toureg vW Transporte

Thanx ben,thats great ,bought this not long ago from a lad near tamworth,has 17inch kahns ,a powerflow exhaust lowered ,tarox 40 groved disks and, full leather interior, and kenwood psw mp3 player. Mm now what do i buy people?:) very pleased with it,raced a new celica today,and a bmw cabriole yesterday it said 328 but i think it now has a smaller engine in it
  Toureg vW Transporte

enough clean 16v, put it this way i could of probably had a williams if i could afford to pay the insurance, I had the option of that , a 106gti a 106 rallye or a vts. i think i made the right decision:cool:. I prefered to spend a bit more of my money to get a clean1,waited long enough for it to turn up.

the reason i ask is because it is ALMOST as clean as mine and i paid pretty much top whack for mine!!

really sweet motor mate, i like the way it has been modded, rims, low and very clean

rob, the gb plates mean when he goes abroad, say on our europe tour.. he doesnt have to stick stickers on his car! thats a bloody good thing!