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Pics of my tints


looks sweet mate i mite get them sorta tinits on my silver clio cud u get sum pic futher way from car
  white 197 CUP

dont like them on a black car the look good on a sliver one, lets see a pci from a distance and i might change my mind

so youve spent all that money getting the windows tinted, which doesnt improve the apearance of the car, and youre still running round with hub caps on :confused:

no comment
  Punto/Clio GTT

i think they look sweet mate, gonna get some tints for mine when i can afford it, how much those cost and what you had done?

Thanks for the comments whether they been good or bad. ive only just bought the car, literally had it 10 days thats why ive stil got hubcaps alloys on the way next month. They cost me £163 from surrey car radio which is in Camberley, Surrey (01276 24415). I like them and its my car thats al lthat matters.