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Please Help - Clio Radio Issue.

  RB 182
Hello Everyone

I wonder if i could get some please?

I've got a problem with my Standard Clio CD Player, It has power, accepts and ejects CD's but when you press any button (other than the power) it just beeps.

I'm guessing the CD Player is locked, I have the code but NOTHING is displayed in the display (below the time) so im unsure how to enter it.

Wondered if any of you have had this problem?

Thanks for all your help.
Just bought the car? If nothing is displayed but you are getting a beep it sounds like someone had their own stereo in there and used the autoleads stalk adapter which means the display no longer works and when they put the original back in they couldnt be assed to connect it back up, the beep is basically telling you you cant do anything cos you need to enter the code
Does the stereo switch on with the ignition or only when you manually turn it on? Only way you can tell is by tapping a button and hearing a bleep, if its only by manual turn on should just be a fuse
  RB 182
it switchs on only when i press the power button.

Should it turn on every time i turn the ignition on?
  RB 182
i've looked in my car hand book, the only fuse i can see relating to is the one marked "RADIO/CIGARETTE LIGHTER/CLOCK" is that the one you want me to replace?


If this is the case, is there another fuse I can dissconnect to test it with?
There is more than one (one for ignition one for pemanent) do a search as the exact fuse it is has been covered loads-too tired to remember :clown:
  RB 182
Also, the radio has stopped making a beeping noise when you press any button. It now only beeps when you press the CD eject when it has no CD in it.

It's very weird.
  Renault Clio 2003
Just remove the stereo by using removal keys which you can grab for a couple of pound on eBay or your local auto shop. Or just some wire you can push into each of the four holes and pull out.

Once done just make sure that all te wires are pushed in correctly and that there are no loose wires that attach to the headunit.

  2003 Clio 1.2
Hello i hope i can help as i was removing my stereo today aswell assuming you have a ph2 mk2 clio, when you remove it with the stereo removal keys mentioned above from ebay cost me about 1.50, you should see at the back 2 rectangular sockets black followed by a white connected to the stereo followed by a small yellow square socket, if anything is missing from what Ive just described plug it in, because you mentioned you see the temp and clock on the dash that means the yellow small square socket wire is not connected to the stereo, this yellow socket is used to display the stereo functions on the dash. So make sure you have the wire with the small yellow socket connected to the Clio stereo, it should be plugged in to the socket towards stereos edge . Hope this sorts your problem.
  RB 182

Thank you for your help. The Yellow wire was disconnected. I've connected it now and the CD Player display says "ERROR" I assume this is due to entering the error code incorrectly several times.

Any idea how i can get back to the CODE screen?
  2003 Clio 1.2
Umm, i wouldnt have a clue about that, my guess would be it may have locked itself due to too many times being entered incorrectly, but when i done this when i couldnt enter a code anymore on the dash it displayed CODE but you could not enter it just bleeped like you mentioned and you normally had to wait a few minutes with the stereo turned on untill the 0000 showed up. the only reason i think it may have locked itself or malfunctioned is because obv it displays error but you said it also stopped making the bleeping sound, which i don't think it should've stopped unless you entered the code for it. If no one else here can help you i suggest visit a stereo specialist.
  MK2 PH2 Extreme 1.2
I'm having a similar problem, but I can't find a blue connector? which is the one from the display?
  clio dci , ren8
Are you putting the original set that came with the car in or is it one you have purchased ? because most clios 05 onwards have a different head unit with a aluminum heat sink on the side , the older head unit will go in but the display will show blank no digits .
  MK2 PH2 Extreme 1.2
not the original, got a tuner list one off ebay, think it's from a 2002 laguna, I'll look into that,cheers