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Plugs and pads and oil ???

  182 FF Cup options
What are the very best spark plugs and brake pads and oil you can get for the 182? Cheers Dan


ClioSport Club Member
  Megane RS280
Oil, just got 5l of synta gold 5w 40 fully synth from VAG £23, bargain.

Mates rates.
Stock plugs are the best some tnners use them as ones for tunned cars.

Oil well there loads of choice silkline 5-40 is popular.
  182 FF Cup options
How about oil name, ie... Elf, shell, esso..... and pads, which are the best? So the NGK PFR6E are the besy plugs then? are they the ones which reno supply?
Cheers lads
  K20 EG Hatch
I use silkolene pro s 5w40 from opie oils (actually gotta change it again in 500 miles). Make sure you get a washer for the sump plug.
I have decided on going for ebc green stuff pads.
And plugs i have no idea but im sure i have read somewhere you notice no difference on expensive plugs and stock ones :s