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pod pics color=#800080 color=#800080

[Edited by pigme1000000 on 20 March 2005 at 8:03pm]



Nice pics mate.

Was good to meet you too. I was the arctic blue 182 owner you were chatting to.
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Quote: Originally posted by Adams_16v on 21 March 2005
the ultima was only running 14s im sure of it

I wanted to see the ultima run, should have been high 10s in theory? seing as it does 100 in 6 seconds iirc?
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but high 14s is seriously lame for a car of that power to weight, the 911 turbo was running high 11s at 120+


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Good pics, nice to meet you mate.

Just a shame I spent most of the day waiting by my car in the queue in the false hope that i might get to run sometime in the next 3 hours....