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  Toureg vW Transporte

wot type of polish do u guys find brings up the deepest shine? Ive heard that mer stuff is good. I used to use turtle wax and it left little white flaky bits when i polished it off and now im using turtle wax paste which is better. I want something to blend in those tiny hair line scratches that u get, or is the only way to do this with a polishing mop?
  Golf GTi DSG

Auto Glym, leaves the best shine Ive seen and no white bits or harsh rubbing (no jokes please) required :) hehe. Expensive though
  2012 WRX Waggon

just bought some zymol classic wax 11.99 from halfords - sod its polishing ability - buy it for the smell!!!!

oh - its polishing ability is quite good too - used it on the wifes swirly black A4 - looks 10 times better.


ClioSport Club Member
  Lazy v8

meguiars is the best by far that i have found they do a huge range of polishes and do 3 stage treatments to bring back paint to life.

it is really good if you have swirls get scratch x (this isnt abrasive) and then use the gold class polish on it to give it a wicked finish people in america use it loads and has been voted best by loads of modders over there.


Try MR SHEEN after washing and allowing to dry it is the best polish I have ever used and it is not abrasive like some specialist "CAR" polishes a friend uses this on bikes before they go in the showroom

My vote goes to meguiars also.

been checking out recently, which seems to make some interesting products.

Not had much luck with meguiars scratch x, even though my swirls are very fine... in fact, if i run my finger over them, the natural grease left behind is enough to fill them in, so was surprised that the scratch X didnt remove them. Going to try their Deep Crystal Paint Cleaner next!

  clio 20v

wheneva i take my car to the hand carwash they wash it then when they rinse it they spray this other stuff on at the same time it always makes it ded shiny

not up to a good polish standard but good enough in winter

wonder what it is cos they spary it on with like a special jet washer with 2 nozzles one for water and one for the special shiny stuff hehe

  Alfa Mito 155TB

Canuba wax such as Zymol of Williams F1 polish (Rebadged Zymol) are great products....give your car 3 coats of polish of either of the above and you will be amazed...Auto Glym...used if for many years and ok..

Meguires is the one i havent tried yet , may do so this summer since i have heard rave reviews.