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Poll... who would be interested in a incar tv

there is a possability that i could get in dash tvs fitted at a proffesional installers for under £300, they are not head units just tvs but would like to get an idea of the number of people who would buy them. the installer is based in west london.

I know that the screens will not fit into the standerd unit in 16vs or williams but have been disscussing other mounting opions, including popping vertically out of the glove box, any ideas welcome. the price may vary depending on mounting possison.

Luke, Ill be interested in the TV but not the fitting, as Ill do it myself.

Id want 2 TVs and will definatly have them if the price is right.
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I have been considering sat nav for mym shogun as I do loads of trips to unknown places in it.

Any ideas of cost for this?



right.... cant get a photo up until next week... the price include the screen and fitting, but no cd, tv, rdaio etc.... you would need to put in a seperate video, dvd, playstation 2 etc... but i will be able to get a discounted price for the fitting of these at the same time... as to when that depends on how many people are interested will be about 3 or 4 weeks probably.


will have to get a price for tvs seperatly. the units are being tested as we speak (type) and if they are okay will be importing them. the units have been working fine for a few weeks and seem to be good but are basic and not loaded with hundreds of features.


I would imagin it would cost about £30-50 to fit a ps2 as long as its just under the seat.... if you want it some other way then depends on the amount of work needed
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Where you been Luke? Youve been out of action for ages!

Anyway I dont fancy a telly in the car but I wouldnt mind a sit-down Space Invaders table for the spare room.

been very busy mate, but have been to most the shows, have been a little lax as of late but will attempt to stay on top the ever growing website.

i dare say that the screens are cheeper than a space invaders table.... but try here.........

will try and pop down to donny s, but have loads on this weekend.