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Poo Renault Cr4p - Grrrrr

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Dont you love when your car kicks you in ya balls then spits them back out!!!

I had a incodent at Bedford with my sloppy gear change, i thoght the engine had slipped the belt, im sure the bottom and top were turning!!! never the less i ripped the car to bits and the car seemed ok, i replaced the belt and all seemed good.

Went to start the car tonight and nothing......

I should have stripped the full engine down but i decided it was easyer just to do the belt, as i built the engien abt 4k ago....

Wipped it out and found the problem....................


Looks like ive broke the bolts and sheered them all off!!! :(

Engine rebuild it is.
Oh dear Andrew, what have you done this time Tsk Tsk Tsk

Guess I'll be a busy little boy tomorrow night :D

On the plus side hows the paddle clutch looking?
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Looks like it has sheared the flywheel bolts off? How you've managed that I don't know.
Probably wouldnt start due to incorrect crankshaft sensor signal as flywheel wouldnt turn.
  ITB'd MK1

how in gods name did you manage that????!!!!?!?!?! must have been over tightened surely? thats unreal, never seen anything like it.