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Popping out of gear under hard braking on track

  Phase 2 172 RS
A few weeks ago I had an issue with my PH2 172, where I couldn’t down-shift into 3rd gear on the Nurbürgring during hard braking (despite heel-toe/ matching revs). I also had some knocking at some parts of the track (like the Karussell & Breidscheid), which I assume was due to me not “pulling” the engine enough while installing a new engine mount. What I had done before this session was:

1) Installed new OEM top-engine mount (Kangoo one with a bit more beef)
2) Installed new OEM Upper gearbox mount
3) Installed PhillipeM uprated dogbone
4) Changed gearbox fluid (Redline MT90)

After this experience, I decided to get some solid top-engine and upper-gearbox mounts to replace the OEM OEMs to address the knocking (Evol-Engineering ones - fantastic and without a significant increase in NVH after some mileage on them!).

During the installation, I noticed the central shaft from the spider that the upper gearbox mount slots through was loose, so I tried to tighten it up best I could, then installed the Evol mount.

I was back at the track yesterday, and the knocking and trouble downshifting to 3rd have been resolved, BUT, during very hard braking (ABS-threshold) the car now sometimes “jumps” out of 3rd into neutral, which is something I really don’t want to experience at the Ring. There are no other issues that I am experiencing with the gearbox - all gears slot-in cleanly, no crunching, tight linkage (the car is at 180k km/ 110k miles).

Does anyone any ideas? Could it be the upper gearbox mount shaft has come loose again as maybe I didn’t tighten it enough? Should I try to “pull” the engine forward away from the firewall even with the new solid top engine mount? Or is it a sign my gearbox is on its last legs…?


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