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Possible Virus?

  Golf GTD
My internet explorer randomly has lots of chinese symbols in the address bar. Also when i try to use buttons such as "Browse" to upload files to sites such as imageshack, i get no window open to select my file.

Thing is my Kaspersky anti-virus isnt picking anything dodgy up, and I scanned my PC using eWidow and that deleted a few SpyWare things but its still hanging around after several re boots.

Anyone got any ideas?
  Golf GTD
thanks, ill give that a try overnight see if that picks anything up.

does the AVG detect spyware and malware? or do i need the seperate AVG spyware program for that?
  Golf GTD
ok thanks roy.

avg free found 3 infected files. i was a long believer in kaspersky maybe ill have to get rid of it now :(

going to try avg spyware too