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Potential 182 owner

Hi guys,
Depending on what I get for my current car, I may be buying a 182 FF with cup wheels and spoiler.
The cars done 70k miles and just had all belts changed, new coil pack, full service and engine mounts changed - all at KTR. It also has a fairly new scorpion exhaust.

Car drives lovely and is near mint, but anything I should really be looking at in terms of potential problems?

I'd like to think I'm getting it for a fairly good price too.

Thanks in advance!


ClioSport Club Member
  172 Cup
Sounds like a solid purchase if backed by documented history etc. £2500 probably top end of market value for age, condition, mileage & paint code as others have said, so I'd definitely try to haggle on price should you want to buy.


ClioSport Area Rep
Aside from price etc, iv always had Japanese cars but always fancied a clio. I brought one a few weeks back (also a 182 FF, with scorpion exhaust) and LOVE IT, such a fun car, you wont be dissapointed
If the car is everything you want, go for it! There are tons of rough ones out there and a lot of sellers never keep on top of servicing especially when it's cambelt time etc. The one you've seen sounds fine and like it's worth buying.

Don't get fooled into the stories of 'complete minters' going for sub £1k, but they need a ton of work doing!