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Power Steering failed today :(

  TT 225

Just thought id get this rant out of my system.

arrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhh :mad:

Ive owned the Willy since mid July. So far Ive ended up payin for a new gearbox, wheel bearing, 2 new front tyres and this morning one of the power steering pipes burst. Steering went real heavy, so I pulled over and had a nosey under the bonnet. I see fluid pissed out all over the driveshaft on the nearside.... not impressed.

So, shes at the garage being fixed AGAIN. At this rate I wont be able to afford the bloody petrol for it!

Kel - sulking...

Thats nothing fella,

You got to rip out 2 engine mounts, shred the clutch, do at least one drive shaft and replace all the steer system (pump, rack and coloum) and then your on your way there .....

All that grunt does come for free!
  Williams 2, STi N12

The joys of owning a williams Im least you get to know it inside out!!!

Keep smiling! It WILL get worse...promise. :)
  TT 225

Noooooo! Cant afford for it to get worse... Kinda disheartening... thinking about selling it now :(
  Skoda Fabia vRS

im strugglin to keep my RT on the road, nevermind a Willy !

bloody sick of problems, i had loads, then finally got the chance to mod, now i got more

Believe me its the same for most of us.

I mine in December last year. The day after I had it the N/S drive shaft went which resulted in me having to have a new one and the gearbox rebuilt. Since then ive had to do all the suspension, brakes, clutch, O/S driveshaft (twice). Plus all the normal stuff like cambelt etc. Its runnin fine at the moment (really shouldnt have said that) so im thinking of getting rid while ive got the chance. The problem is its so nice to drive.

Should it stay or should it go? Thats the question.

  Clio 197

You can either buy an older car and keep up with the repairs or pay even more for a new car and lose even more to depreciation.

Youll usually be ahead of the game with the pre-depreciated car and a fair few repair bills...

And also high performace and highly optioned cars are often comparitively cheaper used than the less flashy cars.

Ye pays yer money and ye takes yer chances.

Kelly befriend an able obliging mechanic and then charm them into doing the bits and bobs that need done. I have a decent garage and have been playing with cars since i was a nipper, the bulk of most car repairs goes into labour at a garage, if you anly have to fork out for the bits it is cheap to run even a car that goes wrong often. Dont worry though, there is a list of things that go wrong with valvers/willys and you have addressed some of the common ones, box and wheel bearings (expect engine mounts at some point to need replaced). Other than the common faults I have found valvers/willys to be no more fragile than other similar motors, and they have more style and fun factor than the majority, so hang in, dont sell it as I remember seeing a pic of your one and it looked very nice.

Alex M
  clio 20v

i probably shouldnt say this but mines been alrite nuthin at all up apart from a broken clutch cable

its all going to go wrong now ive said that

i dont drive it daily though so t stays shiny most ov the time