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Power steering pump.

  Clio 1.8 16v
I have just brought a clio 16v phase 1, although i need to fix the Power steering pump, just wondered if any one knows how easy a job it is or if theres any tips or things i should know about to make it easier?

Many Thanks
  Looking for a ph-quick...
They are a pig to change as there is hardly any room to work. Check theres plenty of fluid in the resevoir first, as mine was starting to get loud turned out to be just a lack of fluid! The belt might be Fooked?

  Clio 1.8 16v
ok cheers,
ive checked the fluid its full. where abouts is the belt though?
its only done 57,000!! lol.
  Looking for a ph-quick...
Low miles for a valver man. The auxilary belt which also goes round the alternator is located (If you where infront of the car facing it) on the left hand side just below the inlet manifold.
  Clio 1.8 16v
lol yeah well low fsh aswell, brought her last week!
ok ill have to have a look, cheers mate.
is it expensive for a garage to sort it?
also do u know ne1 selling a pump?
  Saxo VTS
Well, I'd get it done before it goes tbh dude.

Mine went on 106k miles and the steering was dangerously heavy.

Ended up getting a recon unit for £117 and then fitted for about £150 (inc a £45 new pipe too).

Tbh, if you've ever done an altenator you could probably do the PAS pump.

It won't be easy though. As said, there isn't much room and you have to remove a lot of stuff, but it could be done in a day I'd say; even if it's your first time.
  Clio 1.8 16v
Cheers finch, do most parts places sell reconned pumps? I got a price of £235 from renault and thats without fitting?? mite have a go myself then cus i did an alternator on my 1.4rt last year.
thanks for the advice mate!
  MK1 Clio 16v
Mine is on 120k but only whines a little bit, been like that ever since i had the car so i don't worry about it! Aside from that everything else is smooth-as!

I wouldn't buy from Renault if i were you, they're a total rip-off. Try and get a re-con unit or a second hand pump from somewhere. You could try the local breakers, but i'm sure there are some MK1 breakers on here that will be able to sort you out!
  F82 M4
i took mine to a garage cuz the power steerin make a noise and the mechanic said its nothin to worry about as its just got old and theres no point puttin a new one on cuz its fine. Never heard a mechanic turn down work!
  MK1 Clio 16v
I've never heard a valver that doesn't have a whining power steering pump! They all seem to whine a little bit but obviously if it's really loud something aint quite right..
  Clio 1.8 16v
mmm well i pumped my front tyres up last nite and it doesnt seem as bad as wot it was but would still like to get it sorted (i want it to be mint if you know wot i mean)
btw is that your clio on your avatar (if so lokks v.nice.)
do you knw how much a second hand/reconned 1 wud be?
  Saxo VTS
I got my recon pump from a local motor factors.

Euro Car Parts do them on their website.

Not that I've done an altenator on a 1.4 RT before, but trust me, it will be nothing like changing it on a 16v :p
Yeah try changing anything on a 16v and its a proper mission!! Most pumps are noisey as standard, unless its actually starting to fail (eg sometimes its super heavy and doesnt work) I wouldn't bother touching it.