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poxy 16valve alarm

  Toureg vW Transporte

Right this alarm is on a phase 2 16 valve and i think it is standard with an immobiliser?when i park the car i go indoors and after about 5mins the bloody thing is going off. Now ive only had the car for 2 months but its been in my garage till the weekend cause i wasnt old enough to drive it. Any way was wondering could it be going off cause of the temperature??? I tried looking in the manual but it doesnt say nything is there a sensitivity switch the only 1 i can find is the key to mute the siren please help:mad:

Is water leaking in via the sunroof or ariel hole? Can mess up the circuit board above the interior lights than also control the door locks I believe.
  Toureg vW Transporte

nah no water coming in. Theres no problem with locking the doors its almost like the alarms to sensetive mate,is there no way of turning this down
  Toureg vW Transporte

nah nah 17 mate didnt want to pay over 700 quid tight ass hey.21 and didnt want to pay for my 850 kahns etc had a err nove 1.3 sr which was faster than my later 1.4 rt, ill put a picture up if u guys tell me how??