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Pressure washers

I am deliberating on using my Karcher pressure washer on my Clio. Is it recommended? Will I take off any paint especially on the wheels. It will make life sooooo much easier!
  R5 Gordini Turbo

It will be absolutely fine as long as you do not have the temperature up too high. I wash my car every week using a Karcher at 70 centigrade just dont spray too close on one spot for a long time

Depends on what nozzle you use.... The main nozzle can take paint off etc, I know it stripped some off my 5GTT.

But there is a nozzle/lance that only delivers 25psi and can be used with a suction pipe for detergent etc.

This is ok to use......

Hope this helps..

Hi Neal,

no probs, just follow this guidence.

dont hold closer than about 1 foot to the paintwork..

Get yourself a vehicle washing brush.. halfords etc.. and use this to help loosen muck. (A bucket of warm water with car wash fluid in is kewl)

you can get much closer on the wheels with no probs.

avoid spraying the glass area of the wing mirrors if electric or heated..

use eucolyptus oil to remove tar spots

have fun..

Cheers me dears, mine is straight from the cold tap so there is no heat, I was just worried about taking paint off etc. I used it all the time on my motorcycles without any probs.

Thanx guyz
  Ford Fiesta

yep no probs always use one to get rid of dust and bits before washing with sponge. What wheels have you got that are painted?