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Prob Worst Crash Ever! (56K)

  A4 & 840CI

Nope they walked away bar a few pains etc.... both live to tell the tail, i belive they was thrown onto the grass from the car
  A silver Honda

Quote: Originally posted by mr sheep on 01 April 2005
whats the story her -- i.e has that been planted?

  A silver Honda

Quote: Originally posted by lagerlout1 on 01 April 2005
Ford Escort? I thought it might be some kind of modern art...

What a good idea...

im pretty sure that "genuine" audi one was a fake, i read it was all put there and photographed e.t.c as a deterent against speeding or drink driving, one of the 2
  Nippy white cup

Youd have thought that the tree would have been more damaged than that imo...A little bit of bark is off but nowt else. Also it looks like a demo of what could happen...a couple of older people (teachers?) are there and it looks like they are tell the kids about it


its a superimposed image, there is no way that many people would conveniently be in the area, there is no debris lying on the floor, to cause that much damage, the tree would have had far more damage to it other than a few bits of removed bark, no-one here is looking at the car, which in all honesty i would be if i were there

still, if it was real, another ford off the roads :D

the car doesnt even have a bonnet or engine anywhere.

So i personally think its a mock up, to try and reduce the speed on that stretch of road maybe.

Also as has been said, looks like a school outing of some sort, to teach the dangers of driving maybe.

In the first picture it looks like there is some blue rope holding it there? Possibly a fix? Unless thats there for a reason to demonstrate to ppl what careless driving does etc.....
  Polo + Micra

Quote: Originally posted by 182_blue on 02 April 2005
is that blue rope in the top picture ??, it appears to be holding the car in place

thinking exactly the same


  911 GTS Cab

this has been going around a while now, i still cant decide whether its fake or not
  133/225/CLS AMG

Does look a bit suspect but that first pic looks pretty genuine. Not sure myself.

Have seen the Audi one with the car lying in two pieces. As far as Im aware that was real, read about it in a magazine a while back, driver was killed but apparently driving at ridiculous speed!

Quote: Originally posted by mr sheep on 01 April 2005
that tree isnt strong enough to do that, whats the story her -- i.e has that been planted?

dunno whether the pics real or not but believe me if a car hit that tree it would be strong enough... i speak experience... my best mate hit a tree about the same size locked up at about 90mph the diff was this car was a big Holden Commodore 5litre v8 so was heavy as f**k...
the tree lived...... and apparently it was the second car that year to hit it.