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Problem: Autoleads steering adapter - please help!

  Renaultsport Clio 182
I just bought an Autoleads Renault Multistalk Adapter with the code "099-X01/X12" and the relevant JVC connector for my Dec 04 182.

I can connect the JVC connector to my KD-AVX1 head unit and both the ISO blocks together to my blocks off the car.

I am however left with the little square yellow connector from the car and an empty thin rectangular slot on the Autoleads adapter.

What do I do next?!?

My factory radio was a tuner list, not the new CAN Bus/Update list.



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  BMW M135i
I'm pretty sure its missing the vehicle loom bit, when I fitted one of these in my mates astra is came with a connector to go in that socket which connected to the screen/wheel controls lead in the car.
  Tesla MP3 2021
yeah matewith the clio. the stalker adapter that would attach to the standard h/unit is yellow.... tbh i would change it for an in car tec one as they are miles better imo.
Never had any problems with my Autoleads one to my Sony headunit, all the controls work perfectly.