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Problem with starting car due to imobilizer

  clio mk2
When turning ignition the imobilizer light flashes constantly.
I have to turn the key on and off several times before the car will start and the light stops flashing.

Plz help asap as I am on the night shift and cant face getting the bus :(
  2001' Clio172
i had the exact same problem only diff. my car neva started again, its the software in the key or something like that the car does not accept the code of the key, reno has to recode the key for you, unfortunately for me they dont do that here in S.A so they had to order a key from France and that takes 21 working days to get to SA. you better sort that probe out before it jus dont start and then u gonna have to tow it to reno:(
  Leon Cupra R 225
get a new battery in the key. my 02 reg did this. or use the spare if the battery in that is good. it sorted mine straight away
  BG 182
to start with i had the exact same prob as you dannyboy86, then after about a month of doing it, the same thing happened to me as what many lemons did and reno had to order a new chip part to the key, cost 130 quid :( but it only took jus over a week for everythin to be done, that prob happened 2-3 weeks ago. Id get it checked out and if you do need a new one they can order it while you still have ur old key so you can still drive!
  clio mk2
well i will try the battery in the key first.
hope that is the problem, but my central locking is working fine.

If not then I suppose I will hav to fork out the money:( .

Cheers all for your help.

really appreciate it. :approve:
  clio mk2
Their is one more small thing that I need a bit of help with.........

were do I get a replacement battery, and when this happened to you did your central locking still work???:eek:
  Megane 225+
I had very similar problem - kept getting imobilised more & more frequently(went form once a month to once a week over about a year), I did some searches on forums and went for the cheapest fix option - there is a sensor around the ignition barrel which detects the key - I replaced this, it was about £40 and to me about 20mins - I've had no problems for over 6 months now.

It also made my central locking work every time as this was also dodgy!

I did post some info with the part number, but cant seem to find it now, if I do i'll post