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Problems with 182 Grill

  Albi Blue Clio 197

Basically i decided to purchase a 182 grill from renault with them only been cheap now, i managed to fit it pretty easily, the problem came with a peice of cowling to the left hand side of the grill that channels air into the radiator.

Basically it doesnt fit, it seems the 182 grill is slightly taller than the dynamique grill and short of breakig it the peice of cowling wont fit, now weather or not i actully need this peice of cowling isnt so much the issue as there only like 4 pounds from renault and i would rather have the correct parts.

So off i go to renault, i present the problem to the parts guy ( renault in sheffield ) and he says that i need the peice of cowling that comes with the 182, fair enough, so he orders it, it turns up today and its still too short, and its the same part number as the old peice of cowling that was on my dynamique grill.

So i go back to the parts guy and we discuss it and he says it has to be the right part, he apparently ordered the same peice of cowling for a 182 there fixing there, but the guy doing it was not there today, he is going to be there monday but he is pretty adament that there isnt a special peice for the 182 even tho the one i have and he ordered seems very unlikely to fit without breaking something.

So someone else must have had this problem ? i currently have my old one in which is just attached at the bottem and although is relatively sturdy it flaps about in the wind i should imagine and am planning on going back on monday to see the guy putting this 182 back together to see what he says about it.

Sorry for the long post just thought i would say whats happened
  Albi Blue Clio 197
Mine is a 16v 1.2 2002, should not make a lot of difference tho, the cowling attachs to the grill itself, something is a foot here, especially as the 182 grill is that bit taller, there must be a special part but renault are saying no
had no problem on my 1.4... you must be putting it on wrong.. clipped straight in.. you are reffering to the alternator guard arnet you?
  Clio Sport 1.4 16v
I was about to go and buy that grill but not so sure now. Do you think it'll be alright on mine. Its a 1.4 16v dynamique 2002 mk 2 ph2 before the last face lift?

anyone got a picture of that grill on a dark blue one?