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  clio williams, Ph1 172

Just a few things been niggling me about my car.

Just lately its been a bit dodgy with the revs. Usually reving too low and occasions has just cut out when just started up. Also sometimes it linda revs by itself slightly. Anyone know what this could be?

Also im getting my steering vibrating when i brake. I can feel the pedal jumping a bit. The brakes work well when i brake but they just feel a bit weird. Could the disks be warped or could the front subframe not be aligned properly when i had a new clutch? Also I did notice a wire was kinda around the drivers side front caliper and was not attached anywhere.

Can someone please help?!:sick:


Firstly the revs, this could mean your idle speed control valve needs cleaning, (easy job) or your throttle potentiometer might adjusting slightly, (usually a job for reno but you can do it yourself).

The brakes definately sound as if they may be warped, can be tested with a dial out gauge, and the wire is probably just for the brake pad wear indicator which is not really anything to worry about!

Hope this helps,


the revs might be the idal controle valve should be on the inlet manefold it will nead clendout

braks yes most probaley disks warped and the wire will be the pad senser if you erth it a light should cum on the dash its to tell you your pads are low it will befine with out it

hope iv been of help daley;)
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

The ISCV aint on the inlet manifold, its on the side of the head (gearbox side)

Dodgy idle can be down to many things, Lamda sensor, ISCV, dodgy leads, plugs, or cap, crap fuel, dodgy map sensor, the list goes on.