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PS2s and TV Screens

Right, can anybody tell me if it is possible to be able to put a tidy standalone screen in my 172 and also be able to install my PS2 under the seat or somewhere like that and then be able to play PS2 games and also use it as a DVD player thru the screen ? How hard would this be to carry out ? The PS2 would need to be converted to run off the car battery but that is doable, what about the rest ?

How much is a decent screen these days ?

I have just got an awesome screen my clio!
To answer your questions yes you can hook up your playstation2 and use it for games and dvds!
The ps2 will need a power inverter - i got a big one from Maplin for 30 squid!
Check if your headunit has the required audio inputs of like me you will require an FM Modulator to have sound!
You can get an FM modulator for about £35...

Hope this all helps, fire away with any other questions!

G, have you got any pics of it in action ? That would be great to be able to see what it looks like. With the PS2 then, can you only use it in the car then or is the power adapter external, what am I trying to say is can I take it out and use it in the house after the install ?

If you dont mind me asking, how much did the screen set you back ?

Cheers !

Sorry no pics of it in action! Ive had it set up for testing and the quality was awesome!
However im building a custom install for it at the moment so its not all fitted at the moment!
You can put the power inverter wherever - basically it connects to your car battery from one end and at the other end there is a normal house plug socket! So yes you can then unplug your ps2 as normal and take it elsewhere!

I got a very very good deal for the screen!

I live in South Wales mate so it is hard for me to get to Southend just to meet up for a few hours you know. That sounds fantastic being able to take out the PS2 if you need to. Are you having a TV Tuner fitted too ?

I see, a good deal eh ? OK, do you have any idea how much I should be paying for a decent screen ? Where are you going to have yours located ?

who set it up for a test glenn? - and wasit not infact an xbox on which we tested it and also i dont think u can claim total responsibility for the good deal either - but none the less what u say is tru, and it is indeed awesome quality! - i lok forward to aseeing yer screen installed soon glenn but i doubt it will be as good as bens will be -



a good screen will be a tft lcd not an active matrix and will be quite expensive, and unless i am much mistaken there are no plans for a tv tuner in the glenn clio at the moment - mainly due to the lude cost involved (180 quid for the cheapest one clarion tx180 or somehting like that).


I have found a Sony TV with built in TV Tuner for around £700, also found some 6.5" Alpine screens for £400. Widescreen they are too.
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Can you still get hold of these cause I would be interested in this linked to an XBOX and the XBOXs are dead easy to make multiregion as well.

Just got back from my brekkie and....

"who set it up for a test glenn?" WE did!!
"and wasit not infact an xbox on which we tested it" Yes but did i ever state otherwise!?!? NO
"i dont think u can claim total responsibility for the good deal either" Did i ever try to!?!?! NO

You are correct in saying however that i have no plans as yet to get a tv tuner as i cant see it being worth £160!!

And Daipac my install will be different to yours as you have a 172 and i have a 16v...and its top secret!!

I know they rnt as good as the Alpine (obviously) But in Halfords you can get an incar dvd player and the screen with all the fixings for under 350 squids!!!!

(or you can have VHS if you want)

the screen is about 4-5 inches big so were not talking huge but we are talking cheap.

Any of u guys used these? Know what they are like?


No worries G, be good to see what it is like when it is done.

I have found some Pioneer kits which look ok, around the £450 mark too :

Pioneer AVX-7300 (7" Wide-Screen In-dash Colour Display)
7-Inch wide TFT active matrix LCD colour display, High quality AGLR (Anti-Glare, Low-Reflection), coating, Fully motorised display with auto dimmer andfree, adjustable viewing angle, PAL/NTSC/SECAM compatible RGB input, AV Bus input, Selectable wide screen, mode, (just/Full/Cinema/Zoom/Normal, Partially removable front panel with warning LED.

Pioneer AVD-W6000 (6.5" Widescreen Colour Display)
6.5 inch wide TFT active matrix LCD Colour Display
High quality anti-glare coating, Built in high quality speaker (36mm) with volume control, 2 RCA inputs (PAL/NTSC video & L+R Audio)with S-Video, 1 RGB input for AV Master or Navigation System (with optional cable CD-30 RGB), RCA AV Output (PAL/NTSC Video & L+R Audio), Selectable wide screen, mode, (just/Full/Cinema/Zoom/Normal).

I have also considered the fact that u can get a free to air digital terrestrial box for 99 quid and hence get free to air in yer car. this would work due toit having an av out and the fact that we already have inverters.

and you may notice that at not stage did i say that i did or was soley responsible for any of the above mentioned stuff.

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ive got a motorised Panasonic CQ-VA707 TFT LCD 7" Widescreen in mine, goes in place of headunit, its an all in one jobby with radio, cd, and it can play dvds, navigation, tv tuner, and have had my xbox on it at one point, was really cool. The screen and tv tuner was £800, and the dvd and navigation unit was £1000. Can post pics of any of it if you like.


Gaz, can you send some pics to me at Do you know anything about these things ? What do you think of the screens I have posted above ? Are they any good ?
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

i spent two weekends wiring mine up, so i know a bit about these things, i personally went for the Panasonic because it wasnt an integrated screen with the dvd etc attached, and basically the addons are endless, equaliser, rear view camera, 2 video channels, tv, rgb connection etc. But i also dont like the on-dash removable screens and the Panasonic folds away into the dash which is perfect, but they are pricey like that. Your first decision really should be whether you want one on the dash that can be removed, or a permanent fixture like mine which will also be your headunit. Ill e-mail you some pics of mine later on, didnt get in from work till 07:30 this morning so im off to bed for a few more hours.

Gaz, no worries mate ! Go to bed you header !

The first Pioneer TV I posted folds away into the dash, I dont think it is any kind of player tho so how would that work ? Can it run an autochanger ? I dont mind having a removeable one on the dash really, that might be easier and less expensive.

If you could send me those pics then that would be great. Your opinion would be great mate.
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

personally i dont like the dash mounted screens, thats why i went for the motorised option, but they are considerably cheaper, but i have heard of people mounting them neatly inside the sunvisors (completely out of sight when not in use too), but i would imagine you would get a sore neck from time to time. Mine works of a cd changer yes, i think quite a lot of them do, but some have cd slots in the unit, ill e-mail those pics asap.

GarethCamp or Gaz2130, which one is it ? ha ha !

If I had the dash mounted standalone screen then it will not interfere with the exisiting ICE install will it ? It can be a seperate piece of equipment then but if I have it mounted in the dash on a motorised unit then I have to change the ICE install ?

Those pics would be great, one of a DVD running on screen would be great !
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

it should be Gaz2130 from now on, lol.

mine is the motorised type, but i am running a cd changed, an amp and 2 12" subs, but if youve got a fancy headunit then youll have to ditch it, i had a Panasonic DFX888 in mine, was the best headunit i have ever had, but the dvd and navigation are great.

Although not as small and neat as the other options, an extremely cost effective option for the PS2 could be their own screen which they offer, which only costs £99 (

Ive never seen one for real so i dont know if the screen needs to be connected to the rear of the PS2 as per the pic, or whether it can be placed away from the PS2 and just run the cable to it.

It does however look quite bulky so although it is cheap you do have to sacrifice neatness, could be a possibility?

Gaz, I am swaying more towards a standalone screen just like Dan Summers has in his Dynamique in the ICE gallery, this is what I am after :

This would mean that I could take it out for security reasons and it would not affect my ICE install, it would run seperate then, is this correct ?

It would be great to see your install tho, if you wanted to meet up so that you can take a look at the 172 and I could take a look at the ICE then that could be a possibility ?

K, that idea is not bad but not one I would consider but thanx for the comments.
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

yeah that looks quite good acually, that probably is going to be the better option, youll save money on the screen, and be able to keep the other ICE seperately. Could meet up if you wanted to, do a have way trip up and down Wales if you wanted to, ill get those pics sorted out in the next hour or so.


I do like the look of that install to be honest, that would be the best option for me I think. I would mount it a bit further out of that storage compartment tho so you could see the whole of the screen.

A half way trip along Wales could be well on the cards. I dont know where that would be mind but if it was going to happen then we could just pick a place.

Nice one about the pics, look forward to seeing them mate.
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

Ive e-mailed 5 pics of my install to your hotmail address Daipac, i tried to get them to as reasonable a size as possible without minimising quality, they all add up to 1.25mb so hopefully they should cause too many problems,


Cheers Gaz, I will keep an eye out for them. If they do not come thru then you should get a message to say they have been rejected.

Gaz, they have not come through yet. Have they been rejected your side ? My e-mail addy is, is that what you had ?
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

sorry about that Daipac, you should have them now, i have had to send them as 5 seperate e-mails to get them through, if you have any space anywhere and dont mind, can you post the one with the screen up (porsche & ladee) in this discussion.



No worries mate, just had ICE 4 thru, I presume there are 3 before that ? If they do not work, send them to me at and the size will not matter then, I will post them up in this thread when I go home then.



Sorry mate, only had ICE 4 thru so far, dunno if the others are coming, ha ha !

If you get a chance then send them to me at and I will be sure to pick them up and post them on here then.

By the way, the screen looks awesome with the Bad Boys DVD playing on it, very good quality, I was very surprised !
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

the quality has gone down quite a lot to reduce the size of the image, it was originally 1600x1200 on the digi cam but they come off at about 1.5mb each like that. But the quality is absolutely spot on, better than some widescreen tvs.

Will mail them to that other address as well then.


Looks superb mate, I will post it when I get home and get the images on my other address. Thanks for that, appreciate it !

I think that image has made up my mind tho ! Gotta have one now !