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Pulling right during braking

Was driving my new 172 last night and I came to a set of traffic lights so I braked and as I did the wheel went over a manhole cover and then the car felt like it was pulling right, anything serious ?

nope not is its one slightly. prob due nto camber of the road or the car tramiling due to the road.nothing major.

unless the breaks are biting harder on one side.get the breaks checked if your still worried


Cheers wongy, that sounds like it could be it actually cos it does not happen all the time, only happened that once at those traffic lights but it was enough to make me notice it, I will keep an eye on it and if it is still the same I will get it checked.

Thats what most 172s are like. Lowering calms it down a bit, I see you never tried braking from highspeed on a slight bend. I would say brown trouser moment lol.

  Williams 2, STi N12

As you went over the manhole cover, your opposite would of had more grip and it would account for the slight pulling to one side, coupled with the fact that all manhole covers seem to be in a 4inch pit wouldnt of helped! Dont worry about it.

Its something u have to get used to with the 172. Any slight change in road surface or camber when braking and the car will veer and pull. Spooky eh? Mine does it all the time, check tyre pressures though as that might limit how much it does it.
  silver valver/hybrid

could be depression in the road surface, there is a set of traffic lights by me and when breaking, it really pulls hard to the left cus the wheel is trying to follow the dip that the lorries etc have made in the surface.