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Quality ’Ring Vid - FAO Bear Abuser

  Nissan Jewk

10 minute video footage taken from off my phone round the ring, being a passenger in Waddles Cup. The best part is the start of the F1 bit, watch the FTO pass us on the left, then spin at the upcoming hairpin LMAO

Just need some kind soul to offer to upload it... its 10 minutes long and 5 Megs in size.

i can do that, but not until i get home (about 1 hour)

email it to"> (if you want me to host it)
  Nissan Jewk

Hokey cokey. Bear in mind its taken using a mobile phone so its gonna come out small and quality isnt top notch, but still ok
  Nissan Jewk

download an application that allows you to view .3gp files... unless someone can convert it for you so it plays on Windows Media Player?


ClioSport Club Member
  Weeman sucks ****

my sarcasm was too much for you then? i do have quicktime mate, it was made for mac!

what plays .3pg files then. e-mail it to me if you want?


Open it in Firefox if you use it!

Worlds crapest quality vid, good spin by the FTO tho!