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Question about helmets for track time...


ClioSport Club Member
  Mini Cooper S
Just a quickie... girlfriend is being a passenger and wondering if the ones you can borrow from Silverstone are full face or not?
Never borrowed one but I think I remember seeing people with them and they were open but don't quote me and they could have replaced them since last year.
  Audi A4
I wondered this.. Also does your helmet have to have the Motorsport use label... As I was just going to get the £50 omp open face one which doesn't have a sticker but says its for track days and let my Missus us my motocross lid.
The open face one will be fine Tank, the motoX one may not be though. A lot of TD operators don't like them anymore. If you're going to hire one then get there early, I remember hearing them say that they were running out, as people weren't returning them quick enough last year.
  Audi A4
I'm gonna get two there £50 so get one for the Missus too...

Did use my motocross lid last year but was only passenger.