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Question on Lowering a 172 phase 1

Hi People,

Just a quick question on lowering my Phase 1 172. Does it have a torsion bar that needs adjusting? Does it have 4 springs?

What is a good price for it to be lowered with springs?


4 springs matey....where you maybe close to another member who can hook you up!!

The mk2 clios can be lowered within about 2 hours....tho for example Fred can do it a bit quicker IIRC...
Im in Suffolk/Essex/Cambs area, got a mate coming round tonight to have a look and give me a price. He is a vw technician but thought the the 172 would have a torsion bar.

If there is any1 who fancies doing it for some £££ who lives in my area or nearish then give me a shout.
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Hello mate.BB Performance in Essex will supply and fit the springs for £160.That price includes the vat.I bought some there three weeks ago for mine(40mm lower).It looks the muts nuts.
  R26r R26
Sorry mate.I havent had the chance to take any since I had it done.I have just bought a new phone so once the weather sorts itself out I will take some.If you go into the forum titled Media there is a posting on there titled lowered 182 on Apex springs.That might give you an idea.