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r5 engine

hi i have a clio mk2 phase 1 1.2 grande and have been thinking bout getting the gd old r5 gt engine put it is this an easy job e.g straight swap, what parts will be need driveshafts gearbox etc any informartion would be much loved think i have read bout at least one car on here with it done cheers guys

also my tappets have gone i belive its a v reg (2000) would the tappets be hydralic and just need a new oil change if so how do i do this im not scared of getting oily just want no how do it rightthanks again for any info on these 2 qustions ps im dislexc so sorry for any spelling which are not right
  Lunar Mk1 & Flamer
Jones said:
LOL, its still a strong lump tho

indeed and looked after correctly can be extremly reliable just dont wack 20psi boost through it on the standar turbo intercooler and head dossnt like that :eek::eek::eek:
The R5 lump is sheer brilliance and can produce some outstanding power, but the 172 conversion will be much easier to do.
only time any GTT derivitive was sheer brilliance was the 5 maxi engine with its crosflow head, mechanical fuel injection and it was 1527cc.

The standard one is good for getting number out of but pish for driveability. An efi conversion is well worth the effort though, transforms them.
  E36 M3. 182
with the gtt motor running a carburettor would that mean that theres sod all electronics to worry about?? just thinking it might be easier to put in an older clio than messing about with looms to fit a newer engine??