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Racing blue 182 carlisle

  R27 - 77/500
54 plate, was in the cup. didnt realise you waved till u were past, car was looking good though,
  An orange one
hi mate

that was me in my mums 182! :):)

v6 is in for work at the moment!

never been spotted before, and when i do..its not in my car haha..typical!
  R27 - 77/500
well wondered if it was u n the v6 had gone but read on here you were keeping it.

nice car mind, ive seen u in the v6 a few times just never put it on here coz i knew it was u lol.

wots v6 in for at the mo?
  An orange one
benfields (tossers) damamged 3 of the 19's last time, and they are having them all professionally re-done

still toying with the idea of keeping it though dude

yours looked great loved the short plates :)
  R27 - 77/500
they are dime bars, i got aux belt off them, it was that long i think it was for a wagon, no chance of fitting,

cheers shes running normal 172 alloys at mo getting turinis refurbed.

haha glad u liked plates was toying with the idea so got them,
  An orange one
how is your lowered dude? apex's?

it actually looks fantastic on the 172 know u want them done in anthracite!
  R27 - 77/500
as far as i know it isnt lowered. thats not too bad if it looks lowish. was thinkin of gettin some FK coilovers from that group buy.

funny u should say that, anthracite is the colour of choice
  An orange one
dan, nip up to stan palmers next time your out and look at the FF black gold they have in, already driven it, felt strangely more rapid than any other RS ive driven/owned

looks the part and sounds great too!

they are doing me a deal depending on what they offer me :):)