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Rack / Steering Column / pinion random noise

  03 clio sport asc
Hey Guys

My Car is a 182 cup. Latest issue ive had i can sometimes here what sounds like the column / pinion is rubbing i sprayed some lithium grease into the steering column and it has in the past gone away but it comes back, is there a way to remove the rubber cover down there in the foot well to gain better access or am i dreaming and its just a sign the rack is at is end and needs to be replaced. Have already changed the pump as that recently sh*t it self at a track day and have a Bridgecraft Roll Correction Kit so the tie rod ends are new, but the sound seems to comes from the column more then the rack, noise only appears when parking but as shes a noisy beast could be more often.

Any ideas???

Pic of my ride back when she was a little younger


ClioSport Club Member
Where exactly did you spray the grease? Because the boot can cause this noise, just needs to be pulled out, is a bit of a pain due to access and putting back in even more so, Ive removed the brake and clutch pedals and footrest before just to give an easier time putting it back. Although perhaps just spray more grease into the boot between column first before removing it. I think its the heat you have over there that does it.

Ed Hodson

ClioSport Club Member
From your description, I think my 182 has exactly the same problem. I’ve replaced just about anything that could have been causing the problem, but it’s still there.

After taking the car to my local ex Renault garage, they’re pretty confident that it’s the rack itself that needs replacing. I’ve not yet gone ahead and done this yet.