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Rain (Hyper-) Sensitive Wipers

It rained on my MK2 172 for the first time yesterday, giving me a chance to try out the rain-sensitive wipers.

What a pain.

They seem to have a mind of their own, switching between intermittent and max speed without much regard to the amount of water on the screen. At one point I was at a set of traffic lights, the rain stopped and the bloody things went from intermittent to flat out for no apparent reason! Must have looked pretty silly.

The sensitivity thingy on the stalk appears to do very little too.

Anyone else had similar fun?


mine do the same mate, the first time it rained when i first got my motor i was reversing out of my drive when the rear wiper went into one, spent about 10 minutes to trying to turn the dam thing off(before i clocked that it too was rain sensitive when reverse is engaged). just out of intrest which direction are you supposed to move the sensitivity thing cos like u said it seems to make no difference either way.


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Aye, they are a pain in the @rse!

Some Peugeots had it too, but Im glad my old 106 GTi never did, it would drive me nuts.

Probably seemed like a good idea at the time.

I wonder if they can be converted back to good old-fashioned intermittent wipe?

Sorry guys - have to disagree.
The do exactly what it says on the tin - use em all the time and they seem to wipe the windows just before I would do myself.
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

I want to know this too. Tested mine for the first time today, they worked ok at first then they would either not wipe to the point when I couldnt see anything and had to manually switch them to normal to wipe the screen or would wipe several times then stop again. Tried moving the sensitivity dial, no use in my opinion but didt know which way to turn to make them more sensitive? Seem like a gimic that does not work to me. Any help would be useful!

Hint - mine were CRAP until I made sure I didnt get wax / polish on the sensor when I washed the car, then I really pay attention to the sensor when rinsing. I love em now. I actually spend time appreciating how well they match the rain. Always need the big "blobs" on the control stalk selected for best wiping. They do feck up sometimes, but usually right after Ive washed the car,

  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Have to agree with TonyKL they are great once you have the sesitivity set they way you want it.

I have noticed though that once you adjust the sensitivety you have to wait a few mins for it to take effect, dunno if that helps.

Petes, hard to remember but i think its clockwise (up/forward) for less sensitve and anticlockwise (down/back) for more sensitive. I do make sure my window is clean and the are rain-sensitive and smart wipers. Ie, if you stop they will go from full to intermitent etc.
  Ford Fiesta

dont have the rain sensitive ones just the smart ones. But havnt used my wpers in ages even with all this rain, I have rain X on my glass.