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RAM question

Darren S

ClioSport Club Member
Varies quite a bit m8. You could pay cheap as chips and get away with it - but it's far more likely to have running problems because of it. A few years ago I had a desktop at home that caused random crashing issues with no particular cause. After trying all the immediate and quick fixes, I decided to ditch the cheapo memory in there. Only cost me around £40 to replace at the time and after that, it was flawless.

I've never touched cheap memory since - simply not worth the hassle! :)

edit - is your laptop quite new? A single 4GB stick isn't that commonly supported by many laptops...

edit - edit! - I didn't see that it was Crucial stuff - that should be fine. Also, it's not much less than brand new stuff - I'd rather pay the extra and get it straight from Crucial UK, tbh....



ClioSport Club Member
  clio 182
yes ive got a brand spanking new dell inspirton 17, can take up to 8gb of ram

thanks for your help guys

my end goal is 8gb of ram, t9600 dual core processor and a good spec SSD drive.
  1 Series Coupe
What OS are you running?

Unless you are running 64bit it won't recognize more than 4GB.

Also if your board is running dual channel you'll need to make sure the pairs are matched.