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Rattling Noise above 2800-2900 rpm Clio 4 RS Trophy

  Clio 4 RS Trophy

I have recently bought a 2018 Clio 4 RS 220 Trophy with lovely Akrapovic Exhaust.

The car has driven about 26000km. I have noticed recently, that when the oil is about 90-95 degrees celsius (on the R.S. Monitor), I hear a rattling noise from under the hood, above 2800rpm stationary (P)(video). When I am driving, I hear the same rattling noise but it happens only for a brief moment when i press and release the throttle (video).

Did anyone experience something like that? Or has any idea what can it be? Or am i paranoic with it and it should be like that?

PS. Everything under the car was checked, nothing is loose, neither the exhaust is leaking.



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