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  1. G

    Can anyone help please

    I’ve had my 64 plate Cleo D-que 0.9 for 6 months today when I’ve got back from shopping it’s started making this noise any ideas as to what it is please
  2. K

    Any ideas on this noise - bearings?

    Strange squeaking noise described as follows - Can't seem to make it happen manually seems to come and go at random - Doesn't seem to come on fully at start of journey, tends to go off a lot around 30 mins into driving although not always - doesn't seem to be related to turning in any specific...
  3. S

    Two techs Dartford

    Anyone know their prices? Anyone had a large job done like timing belt and water pump or a tappet adjustment and new gaskets? I'm booked in on the 7th for a water pump inspection and a tappet job and the only quote I've been able to get is £700 from a local general mechanic. Is that about...
  4. S

    Tick and odd idle noise

    Ticking and what seems to be a rough idler pulley. Loudest above cylinder 2 Knocking feeling on inlet manifold. Rocker cover has small gasket leak in the middle rear between the two central bolts. Anything?
  5. R

    Rattling Noise above 2800-2900 rpm Clio 4 RS Trophy

    Hi, I have recently bought a 2018 Clio 4 RS 220 Trophy with lovely Akrapovic Exhaust. The car has driven about 26000km. I have noticed recently, that when the oil is about 90-95 degrees celsius (on the R.S. Monitor), I hear a rattling noise from under the hood, above 2800rpm stationary...
  6. S

    1.6 16v sounding like a lawn mower

    Hey everyone, Today, myself and my clio had a rough day. Firstly, on my way to work, the exhaust back box mount failed and the whole exhaust fell off. Got that fixed, welded in a new exhaust and that was good... for a total of 15 minutes. I'm not sure if this is exhaust related, I highly doubt...
  7. J

    Clio 182 High pitch noise at speed.

    Gettting a high pitch noise when at about 80mph + Comes from the front but unsure if it is the dash or an external noise. Anyone had this issue before?
  8. M

    Steering wont return to centre, sometimes jolts to the right

    Hi all, I Recently purchased a clio 182 FF, it has the cup shocks and is on eibach springs, ive just today got the tracking done and it’s near enough perfect. When I am on full lock (any speed) the steering won’t return to the centre without me starting it off, around half lock it picks up and...
  9. KingFisher

    Strange gearbox whine/ buzzing.

    Hi all. Recently bought a 182 and am loving it, although, I have a slight issue regarding a ticking/ buzzing noise that sounds as if its coming from the front left area in the engine bay. It sounds almost as if someone has twanged a ruler on the edge of a table and increases with RPM of the...
  10. H

    Squeaking/Chirping - Driver Side Wheel - Extremely Annoying

    I am now getting very annoyed at this issue on my Clio RS 200 I’ve been driving for 2-3 months now. 3 weeks ago I did my first long drive and noticed when I had the window down that there was a squeaking/chirping noise coming from my front right driver side wheel. First impression was it will...
  11. I

    Help!! dreaded trans gremlins.

    Bit of background for you all: 2009 200 FF Gearbox rebuild @ KTEC Sept 2017 New clutch, release bearing at same time. Major service at KTEC October 2017 (72k) Current mileage 88k. Since bought, there’s always been an intermittent grinding from under bonnet. Goes away when clutch is in so...
  12. Posty07

    Strange noise once car is warm, only on Idle

    Hi all, I've seen a single thread from 2016 about this but it wasn't conclusive and after taking the car to a few garages (or 2 a few times) I'm no closer to actually sorting this noise! It's a weird sort of chirping noise which which appeared after the timing belt was changed, they did water...
  13. Carlos_2017

    Strange noise coming from drivers front wheel

    Hi all, Got a strange noise coming from the arch when hitting full lock, sounds like the spring :/ Does anyone have any idea what it might be? It’s doing my head in! Thanks in advance!
  14. C

    Loud ticking type noise when ONLY accelerating

    When i accelerate i can hear a faint ticking type noise coming from engine area. if i take my foot off the accelerator the ticking goes away instantly (car is still moving) it only does this ticking noise when accelerating. ticking noise only happens when using accelerator fast or slow. anyone...
  15. C


    Hello everyone i have rencenly purchased my first car (renault clio 1.2 16v) When i am parked and turn my steering wheel left or right i get loud clunking sound and also in a particular spot when turning. I have taken my car to a garage so they could have a look and give me a diagnostic on the...
  16. dane0

    Gearbox noise.

    I've read a lot of posts and can't seem to pinpoint what I'm hearing as everyone keeps going on about he diff bearings. Mine is only when the clutch is engaged in gear. Surely if it was the diff it would make noise regardless due to being connected to the driveshafts. When on the motorway it's...
  17. MrBlonde

    Twang/Crack When Turning

    I get a twang/cracking kind of noise when im trying to park and on stationary. I have replaced the tie rods and ends,also new top mounts & bearings,Also has poly steering rack bushes. I replaced the steering rack with a 2nd hand one as I thought it was this and was fine for a while but now it...