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Rattling suspension - Fk's fitted & possible wheel bearing???

  Focus RS Mk1
Hi all, my clio is coming up for its 36k service, (currently on 33k but already had belts done etc). Its a 52 plate 172 full fat.

Ive had the Fk's on for a while now. maybe about 4500miles. Ive noticed more n more than the suspension knocks n rattles a lot! is this normal?

on normal smooth roads its not noticeable and it feels fine. on bumpy roads its makes a right racket. Also over speed bumps its awful. Ive checked that the bolts are all theren tight, which they are, i fitted it msyelf! just a thousand miles ago i had a full geo check.

I know the FK's are uber stiff and i was well aware of this but i just wanted a second opinion.

Im booking the car into GDi soon to have the service done and the suspension gone over so im hoping to get some info before that.

Also ive developed a fairly loud whirring noise. happens at most speeds although higher up its harder to hear (esp over the suspension rattles!!!). But there is defo something, coming from the rear left. Its not high pitched as such, sounds more like a brand new washine machine!

Best way to describe it, any had this before?

Wheel bearing simple to change on these?
Rear wheel bearing going I'd bet easy enough to check jack the wheel off the ground and see if theres any play in the wheel if there a fair bit is compaired with other wheels then its new bearings needed.