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RB 182, 172 with black turinis and an estoril E36 M3

  Mk1 Clio F4R'd
First off, the 172 needs to dip its lights, blinding me as soon as got infront of u! :mad: lol

Came from durham round about sections to join the A1. You three were waiting in a long que on the left and i went through the middle and came behind the E36 M3 in estoril blue, and then we both moved to the left with the RB cruising behind up the slip road.

And then as soon as i entered the A1 with the M3, 172 gave a huge surge to rip it past the 182 and the M3, and before you knew it, the 3 of you's had disappeared.

If it was somebody on here, tell the M3 to get some realy German plates instead of some crappy hologram BMW thing :D