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RCA Help

Ive got a kenwood 9027 and it has an RCA output for a Sub. BUT theres just one lead .. a black one. Theres 2 sets of red/white rcas but i cant get myhead around why theres just one for the sub. Anyone know what the crack is?

BTW ive got my sub running off an amp at the moment which is fed by 1 of the red/white rcas. The headunit has sub woofer controls which i want to use and i assume it has to incorporate this blaack rca for it to work
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it may have one output because it may be just a mono output
but dont hold me to that

thanks guys muchio appreciated ....

So what if i want to still wire it through my amp? Can you buy any kind of rca splitter or something like that? or just feed the amp with the single input? :confused:
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best of with a D-Class sub they only have 1 input but you can buy an RCA splitter so you can run it bridged into a 2 ch amp
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i think you are fine with just putting into the one channel (the left one iirc)on the amp