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RE: Brands & Courtesy Car

i know its a bit late, but ive been off work to entertain my aussie mate! But thanks cliosport again! it was an awesome day! my first meet, and hello to all those i got to meet! a couple of very special motors there! small mod ideas are a comin! a few lovely installs! i was impressed to see alot were home made! (dan you know who you are)! Anyway twas a great day, and my aussie mate will never forget a clio now!

Also, my cup is goin in to renault to get a chip in the door resprayed, anyway they said id have to change my own insurance over fully comp. thought this was a bit strange but went about insurance wanted £50!!!!!! just to transfer it! flippin paperwork! surely goin from a 2.0 to a 1.2 would save them worries! anyway i told renault and they said forget it theyll put me on their insurance! doH! why not do that on the first place! oh well, an arguement with my insurance later its all done. hmmmm what kind of missions will i be on in my 1.2 this weekend, may visit some long distant relatives!