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Reading Area White F1 Team blue 1*2 w 172

Was there a meet i didn't know about on this sunday 4th night just gone? In the Reading/Lower Earley area. I drove passed the BP garage in my Trophy to see a white f1 team parked in the fort court a blue what i think was a 172 down the side of dominos and drove in to asda to see a silver 172 with some funky wheels all in like 5 mins? Anyway nice to see the white f1 team not see one yet and looked clean as well as the 1*2.
  Was a 197
Good spot the white R27 as there is only 1 ever built in that colour out of the 500!!! unless its a fake un?!?!?!?
That's what i thought. Someone's put all the clio sickers on the front bumber and also on the roof!!