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rear brakes not biting disks

Had new rear brake pads and disks fitted year ago but seems like the pads are not biting the disks enough?

I have a clio 172 cup and i know the rear break efficiency is low but they dont seem to be doing to much any solutions?

many thanks
think its something like 80-20 difference between the front and back break efficiency but just wanted some feedback on why the pads are not biting at all does that mean they are not working at all? or just low effifiency?
If they're anything like the 205 1.9GTi the discs only get really worked (and look "clean") under hard use like a trackday etc. Other times they kind of don't look fully bedded in.


ClioSport Club Member
My rear disks have been rusty for pretty much the last 125k miles.

Car goes and stops just fine so not really bothered.

Sounds to me that it's just low efficiency at play...although it might be a sticking caliper piston.