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Rear Brakes

  Clio Sport 1.2 16V
My rear brakes make a grinding noise when I stop - I assume I need the Shoes replaced on them?

Could it be anything else?

Anyone know how quickly this needs to be attended to and if its easy enough to do myself?

All help appreciated.

How long to leave them depends what they look like and the only way to find out is to know had noist they are and to take the drum off.

New shoes are £30 or so from Halfords etc (Renault are £35) you need to know what pads you need so take a pciture of the shoes you car has any any info and measure the drum size as there Clio uses 2 different sizes and 3 differetn types of shoes.

You need to jack the car up remove the wheel take the center cape of (usualy a chisel helps but don't go mad). Then you need to get that 30mm nut off so check the handbrakes on and get the a breakers bad is best of air gun etc and remove the nut its put on very tight so won't come off easily.. Then let the handbrake off and get the drum off. I'd like it say getting the drum off, its not, best get a hub puller to do it. Or get to work with a chisel and hammer to pull it off. If you don't want to buy a hub puller keep hitting the drum all the way round and pull. It can help to put the 30mm nut back on a bit put the wheel on and kick the wheel off it won't fall of though as the 30mm nut will hold it loosly. With the drum off have a look at the shoes etc usually you need to clean them and the area up as if you're cars not been serviced by Renault most garages won't (as per the manual) clean the rear drums so the worn pads cannot escape. They might however have cracked and falled to pieces in which case you need new shoes.

Fitting the shoes is a bit of a pain best advice is to take phoeos of what it looks like then when you put it back together again put the lowe spring on with the shoes the wrong way round them pulling the shoes together and put the top spring on rarther than putting the on when there on the car.

The 30mm rear nut should be replaced every time you take it off I don't and use some locking thread compound but I'm stupid and cheap new ones are £1 .08 I think the last I bought. The 30mm nut should be done up to 275NM from memory as well which is very tight most normal torque wrench don't go that high.