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Rear caliper appearing to not work

  RB 182 FF
I've just had new discs, pads, calipers fitted to the rear of my 182 and new brake fluid, all genuine OEM parts.

After giving them a day's worth of bedding in - normal driving and then an afternoon of some more spirited stuff - they feel as though they stop better but the pedal still feels a bit vague at the top - well there's 30% of the pedal that is now dead pedal.

I pulled over after a couple of heavier stops and touched the rear discs - the driver's side was warm whilst the passenger's side was red hot. So I'm thinking the driver's side isn't working correctly still (the reason for the change in the first place!)

Any ideas where I should look next as having rubbish brakes is really annoying now the weather's improved?

  RB 182 FF
We've slimmed it down to the rear hose. I've got a pair of braided rear lines to go on so will try them, but before we do I wanted to confirm that the hose that connects directly to the caliper couldn't also be a culprit for stretching? I can't find the part online so it doesn't even look like anyone sells that section of hose.

Any help is appreciated
The hardline with lots of 90deg bends that goes into the calliper? Shouldn't stretch as that's the point of a hardline, but mine became quite bent and it was like standing on a hose pipe. They're very brittle though so I wouldn't try to bend it back.

No one in Wolverhampton Renault could tell me the part existed. One guy reckoned Renault never sold it and they just made them up from stock copper hose as and when required.

Adam genuinely found the part before I'd finished the sentence asking for it. It did come from Wales (?) though so took a few days longer than usual.
Fair enough, forgot it had a bit of flexi after the bit of flexi that goes from chassis to other side of rear beam.



ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172 (CUP)
Adam is struggling to get a hold of these cup brake lines with the extra flexi hose at the calliper end - only the full copper ones are now showing on their systems. I need to replace both rear lines from the chassis backwards so I'm thinking of getting some full length flexies made up fro Hel instead, possibly cheaper too.
  RB 182 FF
Yeah that's the section, I'll have a check but think mine looked in reasonably good condition so hoping a change with the braided section should fix the issue. My ABS has also now failed, a quick check on the diagnostics suggests one of the rear sensors is fubared, I hope just cleaning it up will fix it as they're not cheap! It can't be the rear ABS ring as they were replaced with new discs.