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rear door speakers in clio

Anyone know what size the rear door speakers are in the clio. in the 3 door not sure if its the same for the 5 door.

when measuring they look about 5 3/4 from hole to hole vertically. but the Actual hole in the middle is about 4 3/4 so wot size do i put in?

Also does anyone know where i can get some Headunit Pullers for Pioneer ive lost mine:( and would be very helful if i had some. if anyone has a spare set please let me know :)
[Edited by craig20102010 on 15 July 2005 at 12:18pm]

cheers for that. I could do with some of them like pretty bad annoying me trying to get the headunit out everytime.

ill just some 5" ones then they should fit.