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rear exhaust help!!!

hi peeps, i have a 182 and my exhaust is sitting low. Have read that i need new back exhaust mounts to sort this problem out? does anyone know how much to buy and how long to fit? does the whole exhaust need to come off?

are these mounts ok:

thanks for all your help!! plus does anyone know the size of the nuts and washers for the heat shield as mine has come loose and is rattling and hitting the exhaust. all problems seem to come at once!!! cheers again for any help, very much aprreciated!!
  ITB'd MK1
the mounts in the ebay link look right, but there are a couple that look similar so can't say 100%. you need 2 of them, and it's a good idea to re-enforce the mount as they will sag again in a few months
thanks for the help guys! muchly appreciated. how long does it usually take to replace as seeing price of garages
  Clio 182
I've just replaced mine about 2 weeks ago using these from ebay, good quality for the price, I had opposite issue than the thread once the new ones were on I had to pack under the offside rear as the exhaust touched the bumber otherwise, ended up with almost 13mm of packing (large washers) drivers side was just straight to underside of floor with no bother.

Easy to change them both, undo with exhaust in them and then remove them add the new ones on to exhaust location bars and bolt the brackets back.

don't bother trying to undo and slide on the bracket slots as there is not enough travel on them and the move in opposite directions ie offside moves forward to locate on exhaust and driverside move to the rear to locate on.

Also make sure you put a washer and screw back in the end of the exhaust location bar, i forgot and under full accelaration in 1stand 2nd the exhast pulled out of the bracket and i had to do it all again!
hi mate, did you do this yourself with a jack? or did you take it to the garage. thanks for confirming the mounts are the right ones and are good quality!! your a live saver. will buy them by end of week when i get paid. i am thinking about taking it to garage to do as im so poor at doing anything with a car :S