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Rear speakers in a 54' 1.5dci clio?

  Clio 15 dci
Hi there,

I've just been upgrading the stereo and speakers in my missus' 54 place clio, i couldn't believe how easy it was to swop the stereo and front speakers over compared to my 55 plate fiesta!

Anyways, went to the rear quarters to put some 13cm speakers there to realise there were no speakers there...i had a look behind the panel and couldn't even see a clip where i could hook another set upto?

Is this right, there aren't any rear speakers in clio's?

Thanks for any help.

  BMW M135i
There are but not in some models, I assume its an extreme of some variety ?
If the wiring is there then there shouldn't be an issue in connecting some up, if not don't bother as its not worth the hassle for the (little) benefit rear speakers give.
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