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Rear washer problem

  Titanium 182
Anyone come across this

When a twist to put my rear wiper washer on, it puts the front ones on only and not the rear


  A thirsty 172

Mine's started doing this today. When I turn the stalk to wash the rear window, it fires the front jets too (but doesn't activate the front wipers like it does when deliberately washing the windscreen).
Is it the same case - do I need a new washer jet pump or is it likely to be a fuse / relay somewhere?

EDIT: It's worth noting that my washer jets have been pathetic recently. Sometimes they work OK and others they seem a bit weak. It's like the windscreen is being pissed on by a mouse rather than a proper stream of water like it should be. The headlight washers are also quite poor compared to what they were like originally which is leading me the conclusion I might as well buy a new motor.
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